Friday Five: Lily’s Utah Recap

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

Pictures are all good and everything, but I wanted you to hear it from the source. Please welcome back everyone’s favorite guest blogger, Lily.

M: Hey, Lil.


L: Helllll-oooo! Want to see my map? I thought I’d mark it so I remember where you live.


M: Perfect! I thought maybe I could ask you a few questions about your trip.

L: Sure.

5. What did you think of Utah?

L: I loved it! I loved that NoNo and Mineco (Linc’s version of Mikey Joe) were very nice. Oh, andguesswhat? Guess what I’m wearing for socks.

M: No clue.

L: Daddy’s stinky socks!

M: Nice! Hey, how do you spell “Mineco?”

L: Okay, spell MINE, but take off the E and then add C-O.

M: But, wouldn’t that spell MIN-co?

L: Oh, yeah. Okay, put the E back in there. (Mineco = pronounced “MY-nuh-co”)

4. How is Utah different than Oklahoma?

L: You have a lot more mountains, and I would say it’s probably a lot colder, and, hmmmm, I also say it’s easier to catch a cold there.

M: Did you say that last one because your mom just coughed?

L: … Yeah.

3. Were you surprised when you finally saw the mountains?

L: Yes, I liked ‘em. I was like, “whoa! I wish Oklahoma had mountains as high as yours.” We have hills, but not as high as Utah’s.

2. What was your favorite thing to do here?

L: I liked spending time with NoNo and Mikey Joe and I liked playing Bean Boozled. It was fun to throw a tomahawk with Mikey Joe.

1. If you came back, what would you want to do that we didn’t get to do this time?

L: I want to go to the museum next time. I want to see the penguins again, but maybe not feed them. If it was winter, I’d want to go skiing. I’m not sure what else.

M: Any last thoughts?

L: I wish there was snow when we came, but other than that? It was good.

M: Good is good. Love you.

L: Love you, NoNo. *muah*


Today’s blog post comes from Lily


Lily is a sassy seven-year-old, an amazing big sister, smarter than most and loved by all. She likes to swim, read, play with her baby brother and she still shoots guns like a boss.

Above sentiments also shared by her brother with the killer blues, Linc.



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