Friday Five: Thanksgiving Prep

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

We’ll be celebrating another Thanksgiving in Utah this year thanks to football and the Nutcracker. Instead of spending it with friends as we’ve enjoyed the past few years (here and here), we’re going to be having a quiet Thanksgiving at home. It’s what we need right now.

Thanksgiving = Tradition where I come from. We have so many dishes that make their annual appearance at our Turkey Day spread and I love those dishes. But when I’m away from home, I like to trade tradition for the ability to try something new.

It took us about five days to settle on a menu, but we finally did it. Here are a few ways we’re changing things up this year:

5. Brie for Bites


My Aunt Pam’s Baked Brie is my #1 always-have-at-Thanksgiving dish. I am absolutely obsessed with it and have made it for several away-from-home holidays. But, this year we’re going to try our favorite pretzel bites with a cheesy cider fondue. Joe plans on watching a lot of football that day, so I thought it would be an easy TV snack/appetizer while the rest of the meal is coming together.

4. Mash It Up


I looooove my Dad’s sweet potato casserole, but Joe and I eat sweet potatoes every single week. I really wanted to splurge and do Pioneer Woman’s guilty mashed potatoes instead.

3. Bring on The Grit

My brother-in-law once gave me a cookbook from his favorite vegetarian restaurant in Georgia, The Grit. I’m excited to try their gravy and green bean casserole for the first time.

2. Sweet Tooth

I’m just not a huge pie fan and, to me, the best Thanksgiving desserts are the ones that are out on a counter for post-meal or post-nap grazing. Joe, on the other hand, needs his pumpkin pie. Luckily I found two new recipes that fit the bill for both of us…and both have bourbon, so we’re already off to a great start.

1. Rollin’ the Dough

Despite recent yeast-dough success–which I still need to blog about–we’re going to buy our rolls this year. I just don’t want to mess with it when other people can do it so well. Part of having a great meal is knowing your limits and this is mine.

Looking forward to sharing our culinary adventure with you! Happy Thanksgiving Week, everyone!


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