Friday Five: Thankful

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

Yesterday we gave thanks with a quiet day at home with Bella, our favorite foods, PJs, football, facetime with family, and a marathon of Homeland. It was a good one. Definitely one of the most chill Thanksgivings we’ve ever had. And we needed it.

Now starts my favorite time of the year and even though this has been a hard one, I have a lot for which to be thankful.

5. U S of A

Despite the current political maelstrom taking place, we live in the best country. I’m thankful my days aren’t spent figuring out how to flee or worrying about who will take me in. Let’s not take that for granted. Ever.

4. Health

We’ve had a lot of family health scares this year and I’m thankful that everyone seems to be feeling better and is on the road to recovery. Health is everything. Health insurance is also everything.

3. Support Network

We have the most amazing network of family and friends that lift us up and make us better. Whether they are five minutes away or five hours by plane, we are blessed by those who fill us with laughs, hope and love. And we’re remembering the two we lost earlier this year with reflections on a lifetime of happy memories.

2. Bella

This past year was her hardest yet, but I’m happy to report that she is back to 95%. Even though she can’t hear (hello, last 5%), she is playful, cuddly and attentive. So happy we’re far from where we were at the start of 2015.

1. Joe

I’m reminded daily—especially lately—why Joe is the perfect man for me. I’ll never grow tired of his strength, integrity, work ethic, perseverance and humility. I’m lucky to navigate life with him, and I’m eager to see what new adventures 2016 has for us.


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