Friday Five: Christmas 2015 Final Countdown

Every Friday I’ll indulge my order-crazed brain in a list of randomness. Welcome to my Friday Fives.

DSC_1897 Final Countdown

We are checking things off our list like mad. Two days, everyone! Since I missed last Friday’s post, here’s a recap of how our final countdown has looked.

5. Prime Time

We finally started exploring perks other than the free and fast shipping of our Amazon Prime membership. Turns out The Man in the High Castle is just the kind of show we love to watch. For those who haven’t heard, it imagines our country if Germany (and Japan) had won the war. Very interesting and compelling. (It’s also based on a book.) Since we’ll be spending Christmas in Utah, we’ve decided to binge watch the latest season of Homeland this week. Nothing says the holidays like fighting terrorism.

4. Winter Wonderland

Like last year, we’ll have another white Christmas. It’s been relentless and I’ve become that crazy lady that goes out every morning and sticks a ruler in the snow. It’s the only way I can wrap my mind around it. We have even more coming tomorrow.



Bella surrenders to her boots every time. They are getting quite the work-out.


3.The War of Stars

After months years of anticipation, we saw the new Star Wars movie last  Thursday night. Waaay past this girl’s i-work-on-Eastern-time bedtime. It was well worth it, though, if only to see Joe’s excitement.


2.Bowl or Bust

USU’s bowl game was today, marking the end of the season. Finally. It’s been a long one. ESPN granted me this glimpse of Joe early on in the game.


1.Cookie Plate Success

Remember my plan for 2015’s cookie plates? I’m happy to report they were a hit.


I combined my famed sugar cookies with those cookie butter truffles that I topped with course sea salt.


Not bad. Joe really liked them, but I think I would have been way more excited if they had been peanut butter. What’s new?

It’s possible I was way too preoccupied by these guys.


The chocolate candy cane kisses were out of control. So good. Everyone said they were the favorites on the tray.


The cookie itself was like a rich brownie that split perfectly around the peppermint kiss. There’s only one left and I’m going to savor each bite. Here’s the recipe. The only change I made was rolling the dough in regular sugar before baking. That’s what makes those deep crevices. Don’t skip it!

A very merry Christmas from a very snowy Utah!


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