# Christmas 2015: In Review


We’re all over it, I know. No one wants to relive the glory days of the holidays when we’re all knee-deep in resolutions, but here I am with a quick recap.

One of big highlights for me this year was our tree. It’s crazy how much Christmas trees make me happy.


I mentioned some of the new ornaments we acquired, but it seems like this was the Year of the Ornament. Thanks to gifts and Ebay, here were the other new additions:

Two song birds in a horn? Was this made for us?!


You might have seen this when I mentioned seeing the Star Wars movie, but we had to commemorate this year’s big Christmas moment (for Joe). I spent a whopping $0.00 for this guy thanks to shopping at Kohl’s for our nieces and nephews. #winning


Two ornaments from my childhood that I wanted to enjoy on my own tree. Thanks, Ebay.



A sweet gift from Abby that combines her love of cats and my love of dogs.


And, this Peanuts classic from Bryan and Robbi.


That’s a lot of new ornaments for one year! Our tree has never looked better.

We saw a lot of these cuties via Facetime.


We watched them open gifts with glee…


…and missed a few kisses from Linc.


Other highlights include…

playing lots of games. We rocked two-player Euchre, Phase 10 and I finally taught Joe how to play mancala. We haven’t stopped since.


It warmed my heart to see my friends embrace my family’s quirky traditions with their own families…



And we celebrated Chilali’s birthday with Star Wars (again) and a delicious meal that ended with a peanut butter cup pie. It was ridiculous.


Overall it was just chill, which was exactly what we needed. We finished the latest season of Homeland. We slept in. We ate good food. And we shoveled snow. It was about as perfect as it could get, being away from family.


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