# LiNo’s Libros: The Indian in the Cupboard

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but the girl who made me an Aunt and changed my life forever is eight today.



She has grown into such a remarkable girl–huge heart, infectious laugh and smarts for days. I absolutely adore her. And this year has brought a new project that is only fitting to unveil on her special day.


LiNo’s Libros. I thought it appropriate that we have a celebrity couple name (Lily + NoNo) and for us to share the one thing we can’t get enough of: books.

This idea was born when I realized that Lily is the right age to read all of the books I first fell in love with. And it’s been the perfect way for this faraway aunt to connect with her busy niece.

Oh, books! My childhood favorites list could go on and on and on… too many to choose from.


We agreed that we’d switch off picking the book, so I chose a favorite from my elementary years: The Indian in the Cupboard.  Here’s us on our first reading day:


We’d read a few chapters on our own each week, but also connect to read one or two together and talk about what was happening.


I thought we’d just compare notes, but being the daughter of a school teacher, Lily prepared questions for us to discuss for each chapter. It was the cutest thing ever.

I loved listening to her get into dialogue with her sweet voice. Mostly I just loved sharing something so special with her.


It took us a while, but we finally finished it together. Here we are on the last day:


At the end, we agreed to come up with five questions each. (Spoiler alerts for anyone wanting to read this book!)

NoNo’s Questions:

1. If you had a magic cabinet, what toy of yours would you bring to life and why?

L: All of them! I’ll put in there my baby Liza, Teddy and Bella, my toy dog.

2. Do you agree with Omri that sending them back to their lives was the best thing to do?

L: He thought it best because they were causing enough trouble, but no, I’d keep them alive. I just like all my toys already.

3. If you were transported via a magic cabinet, what would you tell your giant to bring to life so you could have?

L: Hold on, I’m thinkin’ about that. An art easel.

4. How are Little Bear and Boone alike? How are they different?

L: They have hats. They are both feisty. But one has a gun and one has a knife.

5. How do you think the story would be different if Omri had told his parents or brothers about Little Bear from the start?

L: It would probably be shocking and everyone would be fighting over Little Bear and Boone. Brothers would probably let him keep them, but not parents. Moms and Dads never let us have what you want. (Editor: hahahahaha)

Lily’s Questions:

1. How would you feel if you had to send a toy back to plastic? Plastik. Mom, you forgot the K.

N: I’m sure I’d feel sad, especially if we had become friends and had had adventures together.

2. Have you ever been sent to the principal, and why?

N: Errr, are you asking me because this happens in the book? Yes, I have. I did something I shouldn’t have done. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Ask your mom about her going to the principal.

3. How did it feel to ride a horse?

N: What?! hahahahaha

L: You’ve been on one!

N: True, true. Um, it’s great, but you’ll be sore the next day.

4. What would you change the title to?

N: Ooh, good question.

L: I choose “The Magical Key of the Secret Pantry”

N: Man, that’s good. Okay, I choose “Booney Bear.”

L: hahahaha

Booh: Omri Makes a Friend

5. What kind of plastic figure would you be? I know! A French horn!

N: Ew, no. I wouldn’t want mouths on me. I don’t know. Probably a dog. What about you?

L: A native American. Probably Squanto.

N: What?!

L: Don’t you remember? He helped the pilgrims. He’s famous! Okay, so Squanto, or Queen Elizabeth, or a German General, and a Chinese Princess.

Booh: Uh, can we get a time frame on the German General?


Oh, Lily, you make me laugh. Thank you for being the sweetest thing I didn’t know I needed so badly. You make everything more fun. Happy, happy 8th Birthday! We love you so very, very much.

Next up for LiNo’s Libros, Lily chose….hold on to your hats….Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m practically squealing. We might have to do this as a Google Hangout to reunite the SibSabs.


6 thoughts on “# LiNo’s Libros: The Indian in the Cupboard

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