# miami trip (May 2016)

I’m baaaaack. And this time with a cold, hard truth: Moving when you’re in your 30s is very, very, very different than moving in your 20s. Needless to say I’ve been wiped out from our crossing of state lines into Wyoming. Seriously wiped out. But, I have a slew of posts in the queue waiting for their big reveal. So let’s power through and rewind the clocks to May with a trip to Florida!

By now you are probably well acquainted with my Miami hot spots — Big Pink, the beach, the iguanas, New World Center. But here’s a new one: WALLCAST concerts. I was able to be there for the final NWS concert of the season, which was also being broadcast on the side of the building to people in the park.


When we started doing these in 2011 the audiences were large, but nothing like they are now. I truly love seeing thousands of people from all walks of life gather together with their blankets, wine and snacks for a free evening of classical music.


If you go to Miami between October and early May, you must check these out.


Just magical.


I spent some very quality time with my BFF Julisa this time around, including an amazing home-cooked meal that was sooooo much better than the salad kits I was making in my tiny hotel-ish kitchen. This girl is such an inspiration to me, especially when it comes to cooking and baking. Here she is playing it up for the camera.


Not pictured, but there in hilarious spirit: boyfriend Casey and NSFW poetry readings.

I got a glorious Round Two with Julisa when we met up with our other besties Michelle and Rebecca for dinner at this fabulous vegan restaurant, Full Bloom. With a pretty killer patio view.


Too bad we didn’t relive this picture from 2011.

The A Team

This dinner was hands down one of the best I’ve ever had in Miami. I had never had tempeh before, but this chimichurri version over quinoa rocked my world!


New goal: learn how to master bbq tempeh.

Joe flew in the next day and we met at Skyline with friends Michael and Tyler for dinner.


It’s always Skyline Time. Michael and Tyler had never had it, but became instant fans.

And then my 10 days there were over and we headed to Tampa. Of course I went to Big Pink and of course I have a million pictures from my building’s roof. But, these are the new highlights. Can’t wait to get back there again.


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