# tulsa trip (January 2016), part 1

I was so excited to share the details of my trip to Oklahoma two weeks ago, even going so far to process all of my photos the day after I got home. A new record, surely. But then I was hit with a bronchitis-mystery-virus monster that left me in bed with a high fever and ridiculous cough for the last week. No joke. Today is the first day I’m fever-free, sitting up-right, at my desk, walking my dog, feeling somewhat normal. It has been R-O-U-G-H. PSA: Traveling twice in one month when you are normally only exposed to your husband and dog can wreak havoc on your immune system. But, I’m happy to report it no longer feels like confetti is blowing around my lungs every time I try to take a breath, something I managed to take for granted in the years since I last had bronchitis. Stay well, my friends.

But, rewinding to the fabulous trip home. I left Utah begging for “more color” on Instagram. This was our drive to the airport.


Beautiful, but a little monotone for my taste.

Luckily, this is what I woke up to after my first night in my sister’s new home. Wish: Granted.


HELLO, COLOR! Oklahoma sunrises and sunsets are the best. Hands down. Game over. Case closed.

Here’s Booh’s new house with the most glorious of backdrops. Years in the making, this place is absolutely gorgeous and worth every minute of the wait.


Since they had just moved in like six days before I dropped my luggage in their entryway and yelled “Honey, I’m home!”, I’ll save more house photos for my next trip. But here’s a sneak peek of their powder bath.


Each room is this magical and vibrant. And filled to the brim with natural light. It’s a photographer’s dream. Especially the living room, where Lincoln *happily* modeled in a new chair.


Everyone should have a piece of furniture that matches their eyes, right?





My nights were spent in Lily’s Beauty Shop. She’s very talented and booked weeks in advance, so I was lucky to get a spot.


I also got to star as Proud Aunt at her school play, where a stray bird tempted to steal the spotlight.


Lily was the Star Fairy in Sleeping Beauty…



…and Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother…


…and recited a Spanish Nursery Rhyme.


Like any smitten fan, I had to get her autograph backstage.


We celebrated with a lunch selfie…


…which turned into a “hey, can I borrow your glasses and camera?” session for one…


I seriously have about 20 photos like this on my camera. So hilarious.

The next day was the day of the baby shower, which I’ll share all the details of in the next post. We all gathered bright and early to cheer Lily on at her last basketball game of the season.



It was an action-packed start to a great visit. Posts 2 and 3 coming soon!


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