# usu band pageant

Sorry for the delay on this post…I’ve been busy hanging out with our dear friend, Sean, who visited for a couple of days. I’ll get to that in a minute, but right now I’ll jump back to how Joe and I spent last Saturday night.

It wasn’t football related, or even movie/TV related…it was the big band pageant–a totally hilarious and non-serious event that takes place each year. And Joe and I were tasked to channel our inner Donald Trump and judge the competition along with two others.

I took my judging duties very seriously (ha), but here are a few *horrible* photos I was able to snap from our perch on the front row of the auditorium.

The introduction of the contestants had a nice 70s vibe going…

Mr and Miss Band 1

The “fitness” competition was 80s themed…

Mr and Miss Band 2

Everyone’s talent portion was from the 90s, so we had Michael Jackson…

Mr and Miss Band 4

“Susan Boyle” singing “Amish Paradise”…

Mr and Miss Band 3

and a girl lip-synced “Part of Your World,” but I was too busy singing along to take any pictures.

The interview/evening wear round was based on Concert Black and each contestant had to answer two questions…the first using only song lyrics.

And here are the winners and runners-up:

Mr and Miss Band 5

Mr and Miss Band 7

And here’s the whole gang — great job, everyone; you’re all winners. 🙂 Thanks for a very entertaining evening.

Mr and Miss Band 6


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