# a super (bowl) sunday

Right now I’m flying across the country back to my loves with a full heart and a full stomach. What. a. trip! (And I can’t wait to tell you all about it.)

But, since it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’m missing our tradition of making special treats (a re-do is in order!), I wanted to at least provide you with an exciting Super Bowl food update.

A favorite food blogger of mine, Annie’s Eats, features her readers every once in a while when they make her recipes. She was actually the inspiration for my own Reader Repeat series. I’m happy to report that I was featured this week in her “Reader Love” post with my pretzel bites from last year’s Super Bowl! Oh, the timing!

Click here to see it in action, or just enjoy this screenshot:


I was so pumped when I got the notification and even more excited when I saw I got my own stand-alone photo. (She features a lot of photos, but most are in collages.) I just wanted to share the excitement and my appreciation for the blog lovin’ from Annie, who inspires me weekly with her delicious food and gorgeous food photos/styling. Be sure to check out her blog.

Hope you are all enjoying lots of tastiness today! Cheers to the end of football!



One thought on “# a super (bowl) sunday

  1. How cool is that?! Very proud of you and would love to try those bites soon. They look yummy!
    By the way, our house will be watching Animal Planet’s PUPPY BOWL today. YAY!!

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